15 October, 2006

where it wasnt dark inside

Madina, Beet El Rasoul.

the place i never wanted to leave and can never describe its beauty, i went in Ramadan and the genrousty i have seen is un matched, people are begging you to come as a guest to their tables to have breakfast with them and care after you. with no regard to language, colour or race. a tribute to all people of madinah


wounder when i sow how crowded the kaba was i still found place to run and finish in good time, wounder how i drank all this water of zamzam and then started walking and running between el safa and el marwa, wounder how after el tawaf and i was all wet and went into el safa and el marwa which was strongly air conditioned i never cought a cold.

this pic was taken right after el a'asr prayers, think it was round 40 degrees hot and no shade, was after i finished omra i just put water on my head and started el tawaf, find all people, cripled ones, blind ones. i looked to myself and lowered it as i said to my self earlier i wont go better sit in a shaded place and rest.

thank GOD it was the best time i ever had, wasnt crowded, managed to touch the black stone and also prayed in hegr Ismaiel and stood at el moltazem amazingly it was empty and no one told me to move or put his hand on me to move.

this pic when we stood to start el taraweeh prayer, and this was where i stood, during wednesday evening and thursday i moved to the roof, a better view as i didnt have to lift my head to see el Kaba.

people tell me we want to go, i tell them dont, save money for el Hij, cause if u went u will always want to come back and can never stay away