27 June, 2007

who makes me laugh

ok, was hoping to c karkar yesterday but seems it isnt out in the cinemas yet L, my problem is when ever I say the name of Mohamed saad, no one seems to be interested in coming along or for them going to his movies will be a second choice. While it is my first choice always and I may attend the film twice Kaman.

Some say I have a nice taste when it comes to movies, and my love to this character dazzles them. I love him cause he makes me laugh. Just like Foad el Mohandes who I really like bardo. ( I am not comparing artists here)

Y blogging at this time of day, simply cause I am home, with a take home exam :-(

25 June, 2007


سفرك مصر مش حيخليك ابن جاحد

لو سبت , مرتبك حيقل صح؟

In Alex we negotiate after the meeting, in Cairo they negotiate during the meeting

Don’t put your self under their mercy, they are ruthless

Will you be willing to give up a career path and a demanding job for a relaxed way of life?

If you exert half the effort you are doing here in Cairo you will be more appreciated

Are you willing to give up all what you worked for and start with what u left 3 years ago?

Why do I feel Cairo is calling me, why do I feel Cairo is el nadaha?

This time, my turn to ask for your prayers. May ALLAH show me the correct path and have mercy on me.

prayers goes for a john doe who died suddenly today, may GOD bless him.

23 June, 2007

The uncharming experimenting their charm

A fellow blogger posted this in her blog quite some time ago, I am just commenting on it.
I felt I was being described in it, I am normal, bold and fat and not on the flashy side of life. Yet I care very much for my friends keen to give presents, stay in touch and checking on them at least weekly despite the fast rhythm of life.

The tricky thing starts when a female is involved, for me it is like walking on thin ice, don’t know when it will crack and I just fall in icy water.

Everything becomes so touchy, birthday presents, phone calls, requests issues being discussed. Friends do exist to make us feel special to fill the gap between family and a husband/wife.

Personally I categorize people I know into two categories. My friends and the others. The others usually see me as an unconsidered cold person who doesn’t even care to say hi. And my friends respect me as despite several flows in me I always remain loyal.

When a female friend is involved I cant be my self, always afraid of sending the wrong signals or the ones I am sending to be misinterpreted. Birthday gifts never buy it alone, and when I really have no other choice the almost impossible task of choosing a gift that isn’t “personal” and a card that doesn’t have the word love or hearts on it. Phone calls to be with a clear reason not just for checking and in discussions to avoid the heart felt talk. Which will puts me again in the cold unconsidered category.

All this makes my hearts aches and my relation with the fairer sex limited to ones who truly understand me and we go a long way back.
Fa think the poor gents aren’t experimenting their charm but rather put their guards down and got comfortable in a relation

""""""Let’s be honest, as girls get older their expectations and requirements for their expected lifetime partner diminish a bit.Three years ago, a friend of mine advised me not to wait so long for “the one” and told me about her sister who was literally seeking perfection and then married a guy who represented the entire opposite of what she was looking for … he was bald, fat, not rich…don’t remember what else but she loved him.For me that’s what love is… you don’t have a specific reason to have feelings for that specific person, it’s far beyond appearance, differences and perception. Suddenly an ordinary person becomes so special and at a certain point in time you just know he is “the one”. Unfortunately that doesn’t happen a lot in reality.The more realistic approach is when you see a person that may not be so attractive, or exactly what you had in mind but it’s just you can see him as a father, as a family member, someone you can rely on… you talk yourself into him. As you are sure that those gorgeous guys won’t come at your door and ask for your hand in marriage, and eventually will be trapped by one of those …. girls. (by gorgeous… I mean the combination of brains, character, looks, charisma, career, manners, …)Back to Mr. Ordinary guy… you try to get to know that person, talk and exchange thoughts, things apparently seem to be working out… since he calls nearly everyday, he worries when you disappear for a while, he says things like miss you, when can I see you and stuff, he likes to share with you details of his life and trusts you… and one day he just says it…”You know how important you are to me, you are … you are…” you begin to feel flattered and confused thinking about what you are going to say in return, then it hits you “you are a dear FRIEND” what???????????Yes that’s the new “F” word.Don’t get me wrong… I know that sometimes you meet a good person and you really like him but not to the extent of love so he becomes a good friend or colleague or and that’s ok. As long as there wasn’t any attempt to mislead that person.That isn’t personal … but believe me girls sometimes cut it short because they are thinking about a serious thing while guys are experimenting their charm … and they aren’t even charming Guys, no offense but please act as gentlemen. Girls aren’t seeking serious relationships because they are needy or vulnerable, some are much better off being single, it’s just they are respectful enough to only consider formal commitments."""""
will be giving more attention to my side bar, fa was wondering who is having me in his links so i could add him also. i mean those silent blogers. would appreciate dropping me a line so i know who reads me.

i am really amazed round 400 people came and read my blog. WOW

bla bla bla

"It is better to deserve honors and not have them than to have them and not deserve them."

'Mark Twain'

Mark Twain is one of my fav. writers, especially his novels tom sawyers adventures and huckleberry finn, his quote reminded me of another one from "few good men" " You don't need a patch on your arm to have honor."

this photo remindes me of the novel, but i always imagined a tent on the raft.

a friend unintensionaly Drew a smile on my face, he was one of the"unfortunates" who werent promoted he was sitting and singing abdel halim hafez قدر احمق الخطا سحقت هامتي خطاه though i have some reservations on it but gave me quite a laugh.

Fajr time, and my prayers will go for a young man i never met who passed away in an accident leaving 2 girls and a young wife. this accident reminded me of a friend who died almost 3 years ago leaving a young boy and a wife. prayers for them, their wives and children.

El Matar El Seri

This is my blog. When I first started it I used to be so secretive about it, using an alias, a new mail account not referring to me keda ya3ni. But I ended up giving it to some people around me. I don’t know why I did so but I just gave it away.

Some got it by error when I sent my contact details and forgot to erase it and others I just gave them the link and finally people I knew from blogs and got to know the real me.

I fear people would relate me to my blog, not cause I am ashamed of it but cause it is personal awi. Lots of details about me, my life and how I interpret things. It would give a great edge for someone who knows me and the mere thought makes me uncomfortable.

Think I am schizophrenic, having this blog personality and my real personality, if my blog is known to my coworkers I will be eaten alive and for breakfast Kaman.

20 June, 2007

A must see

one of the best sites i ran into lately in both design and purpose, for any one who read this pls publish the link around.

my prayers will go for site designers my their effort be rewarded by ALLAH.

اللهم نقي أعمالنا من الرياء ونقي قلوبنا من النفاق ونق أعيننا من الخيانة

اللهم اجعل كل أعمالنا خالصة لوجهك الكريم

19 June, 2007


I love reading mails, As long as they aren’t forwards or spam. I appreciate receiving them awi. For me the person on the other side took time and effort to think of me and pulled him self to sit down and write something for me to read. This touches me deeply.

Now e-mails aren’t as they used to be ( me being old grumpy) huge attachments, forwards that you have to dig deep to find the real message and above all pranks. E-mails are now being replaced by offline instant messaging, face book wall to wall and SMSs.

Call me old fashioned but nothing takes my breath away like “u got m@il” sound.

Lol, speaking of old fashion, the only real mail I receive is bank statements and my mobile bill.

night prayers goes to a dear friend and an elder brother venturing into a new path, may ALLAH protect him from all harms and guide him on the right path.

17 June, 2007

the need for continues assessment

قُلْ هَلْ نُنَبِّئُكُم بِالأَخْسرِينَ أَعْمَلاً (103) الّذِينَ ضلّ سعْيهُمْ فى الحَْيَوةِ الدّنْيَا وَ هُمْ يحْسبُونَ أَنهُمْ يحْسِنُونَ صنْعاً (104
سورة الكهف
اللهم أرنا الحق حقاً وارزقنا اتباعه، وأرنا الباطل باطلاً وارزقنا اجتنابه

Random thought

I am so thankful for being able to walk without problems, for being able to pray without having to sit down for being able to see and feel and for the use of my hands and for much much more.
Today I thought about how many times my eyes looked to something bad VS. something good, how many times I used my hands in something bad VS. something good. And how many time I was true and sincere.

Ya rab 3afwak ya rab

أحد السلف كان أقرع الرأس أبرص البدن أعمى العينين مشلول القدمين واليدين وكان يقول: "الحمد لله الذي عافاني مماابتلى به كثيراً ممن خلق، وفضلني تفضيلاً".
فمر به رجل فقال له: مما عافاك؟ أعمى وأبرص وأقرع ومشلول فمما عافاك؟
فقال:ويحك يا رجل؛ جعل لي لساناً ذاكراً، وقلباً شاكراً،وبدناً على البلاء صابراً،

اسكنداراني متغرب

دا كان واحده مسميه اللينك بتاعي كده.اول فكره جت في بالي مش الغربه المكانيه ولكن الغربه الداخليه عشان كل البوستس بالانجليزي. انا عمري مكنت مبسوط ان الانجليزي بتاعي احسن من العربي في الكتابه و كمان سرعه الكتابه نفسها علي الكيبورد. ولا فرحان اني كنت بدي اولويه للكتب الانجليزيه علي العربي. و دراستي في الكليه بالانجليزي برضه.

انا بقرا قصص و روايات و جرايد بس مسرحيات و شعر مبستحملش المسرحيه الوحيده الي قريتها كانت الملك سليمان لتوفيق الحكيم. للاسف مش بتذوق العربي اوي :-((

14 June, 2007

another personality test

What's YOUR Love Style?

Are you Giving or Taking?
You are Giving. You are a generous, unselfish person. This does not refer specifically to money, but also to less tangible things like your time, your help and your emotional support. You'll be best-matched with someone who's opposite to you in this respect, so look for someone who's a Taker if you want to make your life complete. You're best matched with a Taker.
Are you Committed or Free?
You are Committed. You have a tendency to seek a relationship that is close, intimate and exclusive. This can be a beautiful thing, but you should avoid making it too clinging or possessive. Committed people like yourself are likely to be happiest with a partner who is also Committed. You're best matched with another Committed person.

Are you a Boss or a Slave?
You are Slave. It would seem that you derive pleasure from serving your partner and tending to their pleasure. Men often prefer to be the boss, and women to be the slave, but we can all think of notable reversals on this pattern. As a Slave, you'll almost certainly be most content in a relationship with someone who has a personality which is more dominant than yours. You're best matched with a Boss.

Are you Quiet or Exciting?
You are Quiet. In general you tend to be a quieter, retiring, introvert personality and you'll do best with someone else who is similarly inclined. You could therefore share subdued interests such as reading or golf. You're best matched with another Quiet person.

Your Love Style is Giving - Committed - Slave - Quiet.

You are likely to be most compatible with someone whose Love Style is Taking - Committed - Boss - Quiet.

10 June, 2007

6 cups of coffee

6 cups of coffee, this is the total number of coffee I had in my life. I am not into coffee, Nescafe, latté, tea or cigarettes. Just chocolate or hot coco and when I drink tea, I drink it with milk or huge amounts of lemon juice and can never say no to nesquick.

---- to be continued ------


Autism, this is the new disease hitting the department. After several acts of betrayal and mistrust among fellow colleagues and severe domination of the organically generated slogan
مصلحتي فوق الجميع انشالله الكل يصيع
Several, among myself decided to go into a self generated autistic state, totally isolating ourselves from the surrounding environment my own personal favorite is using Ipod and turning it just a tad below maximum. Other who aren’t into tunes awi are on the offensive, any one who dare and try to engage them in a conversation they apply the new bardo organically developed slogan

خليك في حالك الله يصلح حالي و حالك

And saying it with a “special” tone of voice.

Ya rab satrak

09 June, 2007

اللهم اشف أنت الشافي لا شفاء إلا شفاؤك.. شفاءاً لا يغادر سقماً

tonight prayers goes to Maksofa and Saudi Eve may all turn out to be delusions just to make us feel the real bless of health.


I got promoted, this time it wasn’t just a small step ahead but rather a jump into a new category. in the good old days hardly anyone got promoted and in case of any promotion, usually it was a grade or a little something, not the large leaps type.

Personally I never cared about promotions, I just do my work, try to be good at what I do, and add value along the way for myself and others who work with me. ( simply working harder, not smarter and personally being accountable for what I do and others with me do ) rather a stupid poetic view of a modern work place.

when I received a promotion I would be happy, tell my friends and take my parents out or bring something special home but not this time

this time is tottaly different, deep inside I feel I don’t deserve it, I didn’t work hard enough for it and still my experience in the field is somewhat limited. Actually I am embarrassed to tell anyone of this title. I didn’t ask for it aslan, if I have what it takes for the job is still questionable.

The funny thing, my other colleagues who got the same title, only one person understands me, the others are having the time of their life bragging it around and letting everyone know. Talking about changing business cards to reflect the new title, allowances and fringe benefits that come along.

I pity them, and pity my other colleagues who weren’t promoted, not cause they didn’t deserve it, but for the strange twists of destiny.

happy birthday DD

Donald is celebrating his birthday, happy birthday goes for my favorite duck, he is 70 something, but doesn’t look a day older since the first time I laid eyes on. I do envy him for his ability of hitting the ceiling during his crazy anger rages, letting it all out and starting over again. Unlike me having a tin can factory inside keeping and storing my rages in.

He wears my favorite color, doesn’t care about the type of car he is driving around town. Taking care of his family and trying to be there for his special one.

Happy birthday, and thanks for always putting a smile on my face.

creature of light

For me she is a creature of light with a big kind heart, I like checking on her occasionally just to c the smile on her face. I feel she sheds soft white worm light on her surroundings. When she talks you sense a smile in her voice and when she talks fast you feel her tongue cant keep up with all the goodness inside her.

For me she is light in a dark see, even when she is down the light is never out. May she live a happy life along with all the goodness and richness life can offer her.