29 March, 2008

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Egyptiana, thanks a mill for the comments and describing me as dreamy, some folks would be shocked if this word is associated with me.

Pink unicorn, I am looking for the book, pls do share books that touched you, blog more and don’t restrict yourself with bright posts, let it flow

Nile girl, where are you at lady.

Donzela, miss reading you, last posts reminds me of Salvador Dali.

Rihab, Marwa, Heba congrats on the new books. VIVA le Revolution.

Jade, ur young, with 40tish experience, try venturing in different territories
Nesrina, Nermina miss reading u gals. seems banking is killing your souls

Hechcok, miss reading you, and miss ur pics of alex

Eman, blog more, change the black background and increase font size, nevertheless,
ur on top of blogs I chk daily.

Nourita, I met a Moroccan doctor while I was in Hij, he instantly reminded me of u. share some pics of morocco and how life is like their
Maksofa, touched,


I love this place, reminds me of bahary in sweet Alexandria. bet not lots of people can notice the similarity but they share the same architecture in some way. yet i had another chanse to chk it out after the friday prayers, where the streets were still rather empty. and filled abit folish pointing my mobile and taking photos of buildings.


a friend noted that korba isnt famous just for its building but for Amo Hosni kaman, he turned out to be a sort of fast food chain mostly located in heliopolis. he isnt wow but ok, i am beginning to seriously doubt the taster of Cairo people. any ways one of the funniest comments i have heared, that amo hosni misunderstands the consepts of double cheese burger as he puts in more cheese not burgers.

KitKat and special editions

ok, those guys never fails to amaze me, they made kitkat with dark chocolate.

and a thing I forgot to post about, m&ms have made a special Ramadan edition, they just skipped the peanuts and put hazel nuts how considerate of them.


Magic ball of 8


ok, 8 as a number always had its magic, not for virtue of any arithmetic characteristic but rather for its shape. the perfect infinite lope.

i have always herd about the magic ball of eight how it provide answers and help when in doubt. i never believed in such things but you know when you have such an itch, and to make a picture perfect I came across it in Virgin, yes :-( and it costs 85. and i got it ( crazy I know ) played with it shiwaya and intend to leave it at work, not to help me in decision making but rather to make a statmend about decision making in my beloved institution.


13 March, 2008

The mystery uncovered

the mystery is uncovered, but who is this guy?????

Balady, Watany, 3alamy

Egypt, Masr. Alexandria. Are some names I call my home. Know it isn’t the greatest place one can live in, but it is a place I can call mine, and no one can take this right away from me.
I feel homesick when I am away regardless the place I am in, even when I was in hij or Omra, despite the serenity and calmness all around me, still something deep inside is crying to return home.

For me Egypt isn’t just the place or the people or climate it is a mixture of all this plus a lot more I cant put in words. It hurts me when I hear words like
البلد دي معفنه
البلد ددي عمرها ماحتنضف
الباد دي عمرها ما ادتني حاجه

Egypt is changing for the worst, but yet, lots are fighting this change and are working hard to keep its true identity and values.

You can hardly find any family in Egypt who haven’t sacrificed for it in one way or another and also lots of people feels gratitude and debt that should be paid back for the country.

While lots now feel they owe nothing for this country, and there is no hope and they enjoy what they received cause they paid for it and they owe Egypt nothing. They don’t want to work or add value, as Egypt isn’t worthy of their efforts and cant wait for a chance to leave and immigrate abroad.

I owe Egypt the education I received, the place I live in, the environment I work in and giving me a place I can call home.

I want it to be a better place,

a sad walk take 2

This is a follow up on my post,
Comments made me feel even sadder, it became “normal”. In the good old days, a woman aiming to be picked up usually confined herself to certain attire, certain places and somehow agreed upon body language. Can’t make a pass to a woman unless somehow I see a sign of agreeableness otherwise I am dead meat. Now we aren’t talking about making a pass, but physical harassment bardo in the good old days a harassment action can only be translated as a rape attempt and was responded to accordingly.

Now, it is different, the assumption of all females are potential targets, and all males are sex freaks is the prevailing one. No indication, so don’t test the waters, just jump right in, and no one will interfere. Victims wont talk and you will live another day to tell your conquests and triumphs.

I am not pro women and against men, cause friends tell me stories bardo about men being put in the same shoes of women.

Can’t ignore the effect of religion, I personally believe people who pray, go to Omra memorize Quran increased in the past 10 years. But what is diminishing is how such practices are reflected in ones personality and behavior.

A revolution against traditions and separation of religion beliefs from our daily lives. Sounds like the golden formula for chaos

12 March, 2008

NY times article

This post along with new York times article triggered lots of thoughts inside me.

It is difficult now to be happily married and settled down at the age of 25. an age I personally see perfect for marriage. Bardo in the good old days, you had a 50/50 chance of being the “first love” now think the chances are .000000001%. all singles are walking around with broken hearts, abusive relationships and all sort of bad experiences and negative feedbacks.

Media now are aggressively promoting the single parent family model, independent people breaking away from family traditions.

A friend even thought my move to Cairo is triggered by me wanting to break the chains and go independent.

Parents aren’t giving an easy way out for young people to get married. Starting from financial obligations a young man incurs which alone should take a lifetime unless aided by his family or the Hayfa / El Saka symptoms. You would hear parents lecturing about how we must make marriages easier and help young people, but when it has to do with their own daughters or sons, all the talk vanishes.

People now are asking for assurances only Allah can provide. And in return, rape, sexual harassment, premarital relations rates are sky rocketing.



How many people you come across would play Disney’s sound tracks in the car? Happy is such a person.

She is an extraordinary person and personality. She is funny, high spirited and always made me feel there is hope in the darkest moments. she belongs to the good old days of me being open to relations before getting into my cave and closing on myself.

Days and years passes, we occasionally meet, talk and she never fails to make me feel better. She is an English teacher btw, and I always teased her of breaking her student’s hearts.

Every once in a while she disappears and keep to herself, feel she do so to recharge herself with positive energy and comeback again.

She told me once sometimes she gets embarrassed to write me because it had been ages since she last did, and I think she is giving me the cold shoulder and neednt to be pushy.

This is how great friendships ends.

she shares the same name as Her, i never called happy by her name. i wounder why i consider Her name so sacred

Kotob Khan

Finally, I went to El Kotob Khan. Just as I pictured it, though I thought it would be more spacious. And it turned out they had a loyalty scheme Kaman. My friends never told me that. ( want it back value) and also I took a quick glimpse of Karam, wanted to stop the car and go out and say hi, but held myself back. ( I saw Henedi just beside me and didn’t say hi, saw mostafa shehate face to face and didn’t say hi bardo but wanted it to say hi to Karam)
No I am not having a crush on her and for the record we never met, but been following the Kotob Khan almost since it opened and felt it was someone’s dream coming true. Here’s and the only private business I really wanted to have.

Prayers go to her, and may she open a second branch in Alex.


Another round of apartment hunting in Cairo. Reba mcentire singing into my ears “because of you” next to follow Pavarotti, then all time favorite “some where down the road” and just cant find “in the jungle the lion sleeps tonight”. anyways.

Juka asked a question, about how we plan our lives and how we set plans for ourselves and if we come through with them. A real mind teaser.

16 gosh, back then I was in high school, trying to survive the jungle with little thought to my studies and thinking about sanaweya and how things will change after that.

True turning point was when I joined business school. This was when I started picturing my self being 25, 30, 35, 40 and 55. Plans were set with landmarks to be achieved in each stage.

Nothing turned out as planed in terms of carrier or personal life. Cant say it worked out wrong or worked out right, but it worked out just fine. Different, but yet satisfying. Can’t say I regretted a lost or taken chances. If times goes back, I may have done things differently, but not to change what I have now, rather to try new things and test new grounds.

Things never work out as planned, as we move along the path of life our goals change, our inspiration changes, things just work out alright and for the best. (cant believe I said it)

Super stressed, super duper stressed. The spark inside me just went off, a nuclear bomb is needed to get me started again, nothing is done with passion, just done cause it needs to be done, cause it urgently needs to be done.

08 March, 2008