31 August, 2008


Been away for quite sometime, just a Ramadan karim for all my fellow bloggers, silent observers and friends who I share this blog with.

A special prayer for all my friends who are overseas specially the ones in non-muslim societies, may Allah grant them strength and endurance and your Thawab be matching inshaa allah.

Also for a new dady who just got a twin sons, may allah give him strength and patience to deal with and for them to grow up to be fine young men.

May allah give us strength, focus and stamina to benefit from this holly month

It was the night before Ramadan.

The night before Ramadan was always special one for me. Cause I would always go and see her, wither for a late lunch or a five minute talk and head back. A working day, a weekend or a holiday always done my best to keep this tradition. As we hardly met during Ramadan.
Tornado, Roastery, Chillis and Fridays all bring back memories, one time I caught a cold and was a bit feverish, really wished she would put her hand on my forehead but it was just a dream


I am a text person, I would prefer texting to a phone call. Find it more convenient, easier and to the point. I get to skip the call introduction, ending and just cut to the point.

All my devices are text optimized ( a qwerty keyboard) planning my next mobile to be an E71 or an Iphone ( yes nerro, I am giving in to the pressure, way too cool)

Always I love e-mails. Something magical about it, not the forwards, but the old fashioned e-mails, though now being replaced by Facebook. Wall to wall and an e-mail clone. I miss the old fashioned pagers, a great invention that never got its fair chair in the Egyptian market and over swept by the cell phone.

09 August, 2008

اللهم بلغنا رمضان

with only 3 weeks to go, and barley enough time to get things wormedup and to be in shape for the holy month. want to write more but my tongue is out of words and my heart filled with prayers.

lets remind ourselves and our loved ones, we cant start from day one, it needs preparation and determination

اللهم اني اسئلك الثبات

اللهم اني اسئلك الثبات

اللهم اني اسئلك الثبات و صدق النيه