19 May, 2009

لا شماتة في الموت، وكلنا من هذه الكأس شاربون، وإلى هذا المصير ذاهبون

I am really sad, despite all the titles and ranks the truth was a father carrying the body of his first born to the final resting place, I know the impact on the grand parents is much profound. May he rest in peace and my Allah grant his parents patience and strength.

Was talking to my mom and told me she cried when she heard the news as she didn’t realize how much she loves Moubarak.

At the end of the clip the body is escorted by a handful of men while all the crowd is around his father and uncle, despite who we are eventually we will be left alone and be a distant memory, the kid was only 13 and I am 34

استغفرك ربى و اتوب اليك من ذنوب احصيتها و نسيتها

For this little child and all children, may you rest in peace and may your death be a constant reminder for us that all lives are precious and unique and in the time of grief only condolences should be offered.

16 May, 2009

M i c k e y M o u s e

I will share two of Mickey stories that I found really fascinating

The first one involved Dahab and Fada in one of their famous battles to win business deals from one another.

So Duck Town is making this new skyscraper and both of our heroes want to win the bid, the first bid they make was identical, which make the mayor makes another bid.

While fada go and focus on cost cutting and control, Dahab go buy the related suppliers for such project, and when the time comes to see which tender wins, Fada slashed his offer, while Dahab reduced his offer by a pound or so.

Fads won the bid, but must buy from Dahab, a true story about supply chain management and power of suppliers.

The other story is about Dahab bardo and Sonya, and her famous quest to steel the first penny Dahab made and melt it in mount Vesuvius to gain the touch of Meads.
Her crow highlights an important fact, she doesn’t need Dahab’s penny, she already got the luck charms of almost all the rich people which is enough, and voala she got the touch of medas, but she isn’t satisfied.

A classic case of losing focus and being distracted from the main objective, even worst the mean becomes the end itself.

Schizophrenic Me

Now I know the motive that makes some people seek unorthodox solutions for their own problems, just pure desperation, in hope that a solution will be found.

So I tried homeopathy, a sort of an alternative medicine to help me find a solution for the problems I blog about and never talk it out loud.

My homeopath is some how an old friend and who is also one of Her’s old friends, I had the first session and another follow up session and been prescribed two remedies a metal based remedy in the first session and in the second follow up session a plant based remedy, which I googled and discovered the plant in its normal form is used for the treatment of boldness ( a good side effect, though I am satisfied with my current state)

So my homeopath now knows everything about me even the blog thing, she even took a look at it, I do pity her she spent round 3 hours a time listening to me, I didn’t know I could be so much talkative, she even videoed the sessions, I even punched in some of my favorite Mickey stories that I found to be a brain tickler.

The thing that I am really benefiting of is talking in a loud voice, which is totally different from silently thinking it over, blogging it or talking it out with a friend who interrupt my thoughts and end up adding his 2 pennies for the talk.
Talking in a loud voice scares me, makes the impact of my words different to my mind, as if the loud voice talks directly to my conscious me and the feed back I get is what is this pathetic talk coming out of a pathetic person

11 May, 2009

ولابد من يـوم معلـوم ترتــد فيـه المظـالم ابيض على كل مظلـوم واسـود على كل ظـالم

06 May, 2009

Quotes i liked

"I had this guy leave me a voicemail at work, so I called him at home, and then he emailed me to my BlackBerry, and so I texted to his cell, and now you just have to go around checking all these different portals just to get rejected by seven different technologies. "

"I just need you to stop being nice to me unless your gonna marry me."

"A girl will never sleep with you if she calls you "cuddly" or "dependable"

03 May, 2009

حج القرعه

And again news started to spread about Hij for the new season. Ministry of interior will be open up for حج القرعه starting from May 9 till May 27, not sure yet if they will allow online registration or not but will keep you posted.

I strongly urge everyone to register usually it costs less than 20k which is almost half the price of other companies given you will have the chance to stay for a longer time, with the con of being a rather rough ride.

If you and wife/sister/mom/dad you can apply twice, you and the other party being مرافق \ محرم and vice versa, which should somehow double your chances

If you want to apply on line and don’t have a credit card, do get in touch and sure we can work something out.