20 June, 2009


A 10-year-old girl Colby Curtin from Huntington Beach, Calif., who was suffering from vascular cancer from the last 3 years, has been died just 7 hours after her last wish came true. Vascular cancer is a disease in which cancer strikes the sufferer’s blood vessels.
The girl wanted to watch Disney-Pixar movie “Up”, but was unable to move to theater to see the movie, hence, Pixar made her last wish came true on providing a DVD copy of the animated movie “Up”, reports confirmed by ‘The Associated Press’.
Reports say, a family friend contacted ‘Pixar’, the movie studio. And, a studio employee visited the family of Colby and gave a DVD copy of movie “Up”. Before receiving the DVD copy, Lisa Curtin, the mother of little girl asked if my daughter would be able to hold on to have the movie arrived. The little girl answered, “I’m ready to die, just waiting for the movie”.
The employee of Pixar company not only brought the movie for Colby, but also a bag full of movie-character stuffed animals and a big movie poster. The employee also gave Colby an ‘adventure book’, containing the details of main characters kept by the wife regarding her journeys throughout the movie “Up”.
The mother of Colby told to the media after her daughter died, “When I watched ‘Up’, I really had no idea what the content of movie’s theme was? I just remembered the word ‘Up’, and all the balloons, and I swear, for me it was just a thinking that Colby was going up. Up to heaven”.

14 June, 2009

Taurus (4/20-5/20)

When something troubles you, talk to your friends. Their compassion helps.

13 June, 2009

ya welcome for home servers

Finally a new breed of computers are emerging, and no I am not talking about the netbooks, by now they are dinosaurs, but the new home servers, they are way too cool and carry the solution for lots of small office and home problems, starting from automating backup tasks, to file sharing, RAID capabilities and my all time favorite media streaming to LCD or wireless media players. It makes my NAS look very old and outdated

you zbeak Askandaranies?

Metro guy: masaa El Khheer
Me: masaa el fol
Metro guy: how can I be of service?
Me: I would like ½ torky, ¼ hamra and ¼ romy
Metro guy: sure

I go get other stuff till the guy finishes, and when I return he hands me my order and I reply:

I am afraid this isn’t what I ordered.

½ torky is ½ romy
¼ hamra is ¼ falamank
¼ romy is ¼ smoked turkey

Nevertheless I wont give up my askandaranian language and I wont give in. we ya7dorni a quote from independence day “We will not go quietly into the night! We will not vanish without a fight! We're going to live on! We're going to survive!”

And for further reading on Alexandrian who tried to give in to el nadaha ( aka Cairo) pls refer to this post and this one.