14 March, 2010

07 March, 2010

06 March, 2010

7ad fahem 7aga?

During the week end I had the chance to watch two movies, one was ‘rasayel el bahr” and the other was “cairo times”

I related to both, Cairo times is about the cairo I want to know better and explore

While “rasayel el bahr” was about the Alex that is trying to maintain what is left of its old beauty and to stand tall against all brutalities.

The scene that really caught my attention ( beside the one in the atelier) was the bawab who kept shouting loudly and preaching about Islamic rules while he is the same one who helped the gangsters to break in the apartment and defame the man and the lady and to continue scolding them in the street

This seen hit me deep inside, of how Alexandria evolved from a multicultural cosmopolitan city to a more fundamental perspective with less tolerance and acceptance.

B: nice apartment

A: thanks, I am trying to keep it to basics

B: this is what is nice about it, you just have what u need and avoid all the clutter

A: thanks

B: so how many girls did you have in

A: lol, non at all

B: (astonished) why, though you are in Maadi and things are less complicated than other neighborhood

A: well, actually I never thought about it in that way.

B: shakl el bawab shedid awi,( seems your janitor is tough) sometimes they can ruin the whole thing

A: actually think rabena howa el shedid awi ( God is tougher, not the janitor), mesh el bawab

B: you are missing a lot

A tribute to the E-63

I had this mobile phone for about 18 months now. When I first bought it, I thought it will be a transsion between my old E70 and the new E71 but this transitional period lasted 18 months. And when I saw the e71 when was released in Egypt I didn’t find a motive to shift.

Though it can’t be compared in the looks side to the E71 but it withstand its ground in all other aspects and tops it with a less slippery body and a flash light.

The only thing I missed was the push email service that was available on my old mobile but a couple of months later nokia launched the messenger service and I was back on track again, having my mails seamlessly pushed to my mobile without a glitch.

For those who aren’t familiar with the service, do go and check messaging.nokia.com and subscribe to it, all your mails will be pushed directly as soon as they are received just like the blackberry.

Also it has a great battery life, a decent browser that doesn’t hang and is really well built. I cant count the number of times it fell down, thrown away and trampled over.

And to top all the above, it once fell into water and was totally submerged for about 20 seconds and the call wasn’t even disconnected. And worked perfectly after that.

Thought nothing will be able to fill the shoes of the E70 but the E63 proved to be the best successor for the last predecessor.

Just hope they can integrate it with yahoo like they did with hotmail and one last things, people pls don’t truncate your feeds.

Yet another friend died in a car accident, a truly wonderful person, a father of a young baby boy and another infant who is yet to be born.

In the funeral as I shook his dad’s hand I kept saying to my self, this is wrong, this shouldn’t be happening. A father shouldn’t be burying his son; a young wife shouldn’t be widowed at such young age, when a baby is born both his parents should be around to give him his first kiss and hug.

I miss him, till now I reach for the phone and want to call or txt him, his name pops up on face book because I need to get in touch with him, his name still on the directory deep inside I feel he isn’t gone but I know he is no where to be found around the living.

Some big words were used in his obituary and as I read them I knew no words will ever do him justice. His closest friends weren’t able to attend the burial.

He will not be the last nor he is the first seems I have attended more burials for people at my age than older ones.

May he finally find the peace he deserve and the one we are all looking for.

I said what about breakfast @ Lucille's

I am one of the strongest believers that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and I have been to this little place that takes this statement seriously. It is Lucille’s in Maadi.

A true bliss, they offer omelettes, scrambled eggs, pancakes, apple juice just heaven, my only concern is their sausages; they serve is MacDonald’s style (round like a burger with no casing) though my taste is into more traditional sausages.

Also one of the best places I came through was JW Marriot, in mirage city. Sat in the club house, the weather, view and food was simply amazing though their sandwiches tend to me on the “magnificent size” that makes it a bit difficult to have a bite and u just end up using a fork and a knife to divide a magnificent sandwich into little biteable ones.

Just love winter mornings when they are sunny and clear.