27 June, 2010

Yes, it is true; finally I am engaged and have the ring to testify for it. For old followers of the blog who had to put up with random posts and whining of the mysterious “She” or “Her” she is the one.

Inshaa Allah this will spur few blog posts about the subject along with how to handle a looooooong term relation materializing to the next level.

For Good times

A friend was browsing through my mobile phone photo gallery and told me in an astound voice, Askandarani, why do you photo your food?

I laughed and told him, I love remembering good times.


Was making my normal shopping at metro when I cam across this.

Yes they are selling ice cubes. Never thought I will see the day when they sell ice cubes in Egypt in supermarkets, but the day came.

I first came across this idea in the states where they had ice machines, and it was something really amazing for me at this time. In terms of the idea and how crystal clear the cubes were. Thought the cubes were that transparent cause of the water is cleaner, but later on I came to realize the secret of making crystal clear ice cubes and lived to see them being sold at supermarkets,

For those having Super Mickey issue of last Thursday, do chk Donald’s story with the ice cube factory, sooooo realistic

Operation weight control, phase I

We had a major overhaul at Alex with a special focus on my room, which resulted in me initiating operation deep sweep phase two, with mom literary breathing over my shoulder I had to give up almost complete collections of magazines whih were

كتب الهلال للاولاد و البنات

العربي الصغير

مجلتي و المزمار

الشياطين ال 13

المغامرين الخمسه و الثلاثه

And came along this little encyclopaedia, it used to be something at that time and as I remember it coasted round 35 pounds and I couldn’t let it go, as it took me a while to gather money to buy it. Going through it was amazing, lots of mentioning of year 2000 and how this will be the norm and how this invention will rule our lives we keda ya3ni.

I am sure we cam a long way since 1998.

Kinder ........Surprise!!!

What happened to kinder surprise, it used to be more fun in terms of the little toys that came along. It used to be sophisticated with little pieces to put together and little stickers to jazz the final toy up, now just this, seems they are targeting infants now.

El Churro.

It is a chocolate café, yes, not a candy shop or a chocolate shop, just a café, a friend pointed it out to me and I had to go and check it immediately, one of the guys in the café was nice enough to give us the grand tour and explained to us how the café has its own miniature shop that makes chocolate that came all the way from Spain to be manufactured in Egypt. Didn’t want to chalange his knowledge about the origin of chocolate and coco beans fa just enjoyed the quick tour.

They have miniature factory, a seating area where u can enjoy salads, sandwiches and off course various chocolate based drinks. And they sell chocolates as well, at a rather steep price but worth it.

You know when you buy a chocolate bar, the feeling u get when u finish it, one bite of his small chocolate give you this feeling immediately I comforted my self by saying I may reach the same state with less calories ( I hope)

The café colours were warm and chocolate based but just felt the place needed to be more excluded and private

Suddenly I feel I am describing a 3’0rza