26 February, 2007

minimum expectation=maximum appreciation

For the second week in a row I find a coworker pulling a chair and sitting beside me and starts talking about how folan let him down big times, and this wasn’t expected from that person and he misjudged him all this time and how right I was when I told him be careful folan isnt a “good person”

All the guys around are almost 30+ and also almost all of them consider themselves experts when it comes to facts of life, women, cars, politics and buying anything.

I just prefer to keep my mouth shut and contribution to minimum for 2 reasons
1- entering a discussion will be too consuming for me
2- they find my opinion a bit unorthodox
So I prefer to keep my peace.

So how do I judge people? It is the little things that matter. Watching people talk, watching them watching other people talk, phone manner, little incidents while driving or in the kitchen and above all how they act when they lose their temper.

Words said in moments of anger or extreme stress are the truest words, those are the words never said, being kept deep inside and erupt like a volcano.

Life taught me to keep my expectation to minimum so I won’t end up disappointed if I was let down or someone didn’t rise to my expectations.

This isnt bullet proof, as small gestures touches me deeply and appreciate it awi fa I end up being a freak or a romantic fool.

Tonight Prayers for mercy and forgiveness go for people involved in midan el remaya accident and for a bigger brother/mentor who had a back surgery and in a critical situation now. Hope anyone reading this would join me.

Final note, really need to finish the exam as it makes me blog a lot

press the candle, hope the link will work

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E N G Y said...

"Words said in moments of anger or extreme stress are the truest words", I am not sure if I agree with you, we can't judge someone passed on what he said when he was angry, in anger moments the person doesn't think, sometimes he is so hurt and just want to hurt the same.
I always remember that divorce in anger time doesn't count, also kazemeen el ghaiz leehom thawab kebber which means that it's so hard for some people to do so.

About the maximum and minimum expectations, I always trust the person to the extreme yet expect the least of him\her, I believe that's why I never feel down of others, the problem occurs when trust the person and expect a lot from him and then you let you down, I die then!