06 February, 2007

Valantine Day

She once asked me why you never celebrated valentine, my answer was always, when we get married insha2 ALLAH we will have our own valentine. The date will be the first time we meet or the first time I proposed. It will be filled with expensive chocolate lots of red hearts and roses and it will be our own valentine Kaman.

Now, she is gone, things didn’t work out as we prayed and when ever February comes I remember my own valentine plans.

I envy married people who celebrate their own valentine day, the kids in the street with red roses and teddies their emotions may be sincere at this point of time but it will almost usually wash away. But they remind other of how special having someone in your life is and those who lost love along the path of life to regain it.

I am being cruel but hope I am being fair.

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Engy said...

I never celebrated the Valentine's, neither had plans for it.
I believe it's sad, but not as sad as regretting the lost love or have memories can't bring back.

You know, I don't envy the others cause may be those others envy me for being alone, who knows??!:)

Cheer up and Happy Valentine's Day.