15 February, 2007


Today someone made me feel special by sending a gift. I received it early in the morning that is the morning of Valentines Day.

Wish this gift was from someone special as I always hoped, but rather from Vodafone. It was a calendar though not
very practical but was very special.

It contained my name printed on each of the pictures that represented each month of the year.

I said to myself, ok, they are following the 80/20 rule, a loyalty program and indulging their customers by adding a personal touch. Ultimately trying to differentiate themselves from others in a service centered industry. Especially with the third operator in Egypt raising the bar before even starting its operation.
So I remembered all my marketing lectures and thought about it pragmatically but deep inside for a moment, I felt special.

Ps. When I receive my bill usually I don’t look at the amount due, but rather amount of time spent talking on the phone rather than reading or being in the company of the one I am talking to.

If a call lasts for 90 minutes, wouldn’t it be better to sit someplace nice and quite and talk the issue out????!!!!!!!! but then i wont be that special to Vodafone.


Juka said...

Ah well... Multinationals are smart that way. Flashbacks of my current marketing course. Ed3eelly. P.S. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm Alexandrian too :D

Engy said...

Me too look at the amount of time when I receive my bill, I look on the list of calles and like to see whom I talked to the much!!:)

Bad Vodafone,they didn't send me a gift, hence, I got nothing in the Valentine's Day:S

askandarani said...

Juka, ya hello bel baladeyat, all the best for our courageous men and women serving over seas, oops after el bawabat

Engy, may be you aren’t as special for them as me. (me just being mean) seriously, may be you are on the business package, so all the benefits goes to the company kinda socialist ya3ni. I have a friend who called mobinil and gave them a peace of his mind as it seems they don’t have a loyalty programme.