10 March, 2007

Semper Fidelis

Mom used to tell me, policemen are your friend, if you are in the street and get into any trouble find one and he will help you out. When u cant cross a street cause of speedy cars, go and ask one to help you cross it.

I admired their stand when a small bunch of them with light weapons stood up against the occupation force and held their ground in a day that came their holiday.

In the last couple of days I saw simple police soldiers helping a blind man finding his directions, school children passing busy streets. But all those were the simple recruited soldiers.

As I grow up I started to hate police officers, the seen of karate squads all in black storming into Alexandria faculty of engineering while I was in junior school, stories when they want to arrest someone they actually arrest his mother or sister to force him to give himself up, the way policemen handled riots in universities, corruption among them starting from el morror to drug enforcement and to top it all up, the torture video clips recently released. The way they handled the after mass of sinia attacks and the ones putting iron chain in the street to find parking for their cars.

All the above made me hate them cause they didn’t enforce or protect the law, but they were above the law, abusing their powers and humiliating people they vowed to protect.

Just the other day I read about the young officer who died in the line of duty after a hot pursuit of a car containing a woman kidnapped and was to be rapped by a group of animals.

I am sure when he took the decision to pursuit the car he knew the risk, I am sure he knew the price he should pay when the moment of truth come since he first joined the force. He knew it and he delivered.

My night prayers goes for this young man and for all the men in uniform who are pure in heart and vowed to pay the price what ever it is to keep us safe and a thank you to him for the wakeup call he sent there is hope and there is no absolute darkness
Also a prayer of strength and good wishes for all my dear friends overseas. In cairo, UAE, Canada, Assiout. And UK

Song in the back of my mind an old abla fadila song
ماما .. بابا .. وطني .. علمي .. حرية .. قومية .. جندي .. بلدي .. شجاع ..

A song been listening to for hours, bahebek wa7ashteni for Egypt and for her

Semper Fidelis= for ever loyale, the US marine corps slogan


Hechkok said...

you justified my inner hate for them, I couldn't explain as you said but i feel it with every interaction , you know i am driving without a license since 4 years just don't want to deal with them in the traffic department .
Very nice post and hope you don't mind my visits

askandarani said...

it is a pleasure that u drop by.

E N G Y said...

You are right, this last accident made feel that el donya lessa bkher, my God bless his soul, and give patience to his family.

Ba7ebek wa7ashteny..me too can hear it for a hundred time, beautiful voice,music and lyrics.