27 April, 2007


I hate economics. I really do, it seems to be the only science I took in college and never used it in my real life.
Economics incorporate in its heart 2 major sciences. Statistics and differentiation, both of which I don’t understand. All this add to my great love of economics.

Tomorrow I will be having an economics exam as part of my course, I didn’t study anything and to make things more embarrassing, it is an open book exam. Have 10 hours left with 7 chapters to go.

The thing is I feel I am studying quantum physiques.

this time, your prayers plsssss

Over and out


Juka said...

How did you do? Tammeny?

askandarani said...

it was ok, much better than i had expected. and introduced some very interesting theories. will keep you updated with the grade insha2 allah. thanks for asking