15 May, 2007

closed till further notice

Some blogs I used to follow are now closed, or been quite sometime since it was last updated. And others switched to invite only status or just disabled comments.

When finding such blogs it hurts, cause I thought of why such a decision was taken storms into my mind. Political suppression, harassment or even just a rude comment. All this leads to the same result, restrictions on the natural flow of thoughts and playing it safe as not to get hurt or uncomfertable.

Random thoughts.

A friend who just received his medical checkup result is putting the whole dept in the live healthy mode. I.e. eat healthy food, and is arranging with a near buy club that “we” could come early in the morning for an hour of workout, a swim in a pool and a shower all this before coming to work round 6 am!!!!!!!!!!

She is in the US

Gave the new car a bad scratch and want to figure out how I can use the CD without making the antenna come out.

Want to buy summer clothes, a complete wardrobe actually

Started writing my CV, if anyone has cool forms please to pass it along

My sis pc needs to be fixed and I better get to it before she starts nagging me about it

Prayers goes for a very dear friend who asked for it.

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