14 June, 2007

another personality test

What's YOUR Love Style?

Are you Giving or Taking?
You are Giving. You are a generous, unselfish person. This does not refer specifically to money, but also to less tangible things like your time, your help and your emotional support. You'll be best-matched with someone who's opposite to you in this respect, so look for someone who's a Taker if you want to make your life complete. You're best matched with a Taker.
Are you Committed or Free?
You are Committed. You have a tendency to seek a relationship that is close, intimate and exclusive. This can be a beautiful thing, but you should avoid making it too clinging or possessive. Committed people like yourself are likely to be happiest with a partner who is also Committed. You're best matched with another Committed person.

Are you a Boss or a Slave?
You are Slave. It would seem that you derive pleasure from serving your partner and tending to their pleasure. Men often prefer to be the boss, and women to be the slave, but we can all think of notable reversals on this pattern. As a Slave, you'll almost certainly be most content in a relationship with someone who has a personality which is more dominant than yours. You're best matched with a Boss.

Are you Quiet or Exciting?
You are Quiet. In general you tend to be a quieter, retiring, introvert personality and you'll do best with someone else who is similarly inclined. You could therefore share subdued interests such as reading or golf. You're best matched with another Quiet person.

Your Love Style is Giving - Committed - Slave - Quiet.

You are likely to be most compatible with someone whose Love Style is Taking - Committed - Boss - Quiet.


E N G Y said...

Same result as mine:)

BIKO said...

Mine as well Giving - Committed - Slave - Quiet

Anonymous said...

me too :)