19 June, 2007


I love reading mails, As long as they aren’t forwards or spam. I appreciate receiving them awi. For me the person on the other side took time and effort to think of me and pulled him self to sit down and write something for me to read. This touches me deeply.

Now e-mails aren’t as they used to be ( me being old grumpy) huge attachments, forwards that you have to dig deep to find the real message and above all pranks. E-mails are now being replaced by offline instant messaging, face book wall to wall and SMSs.

Call me old fashioned but nothing takes my breath away like “u got m@il” sound.

Lol, speaking of old fashion, the only real mail I receive is bank statements and my mobile bill.

night prayers goes to a dear friend and an elder brother venturing into a new path, may ALLAH protect him from all harms and guide him on the right path.


E N G Y said...

And who doesn't??!!:)
Usual old mails were something else, to see someone's handwriting and to smell his smell is different!
Yet,seeing "new message" in your inbox still take the heart away:)

Good post:)

Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

it is all about the invading fast rhythm of life...

still it is good to have a mean of communication "God bless facebook lol"... no matter what it is... the point is in remembering the one...