17 June, 2007

Random thought

I am so thankful for being able to walk without problems, for being able to pray without having to sit down for being able to see and feel and for the use of my hands and for much much more.
Today I thought about how many times my eyes looked to something bad VS. something good, how many times I used my hands in something bad VS. something good. And how many time I was true and sincere.

Ya rab 3afwak ya rab

أحد السلف كان أقرع الرأس أبرص البدن أعمى العينين مشلول القدمين واليدين وكان يقول: "الحمد لله الذي عافاني مماابتلى به كثيراً ممن خلق، وفضلني تفضيلاً".
فمر به رجل فقال له: مما عافاك؟ أعمى وأبرص وأقرع ومشلول فمما عافاك؟
فقال:ويحك يا رجل؛ جعل لي لساناً ذاكراً، وقلباً شاكراً،وبدناً على البلاء صابراً،

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Me said...

Though I have 2 assignments to finish... adn it's almost 12:00 am... adn I shouldn't be browsing blogs... let alone commenting... I couldn't stop myself from commenting on this one...I keep telling myslef this wAllahi all the time ... but the human nafs is still weak sometimes...

I attended this lecture once and the sheikh was saying how you should be thankful... not by just feeling thankful or saying so... but the real "shokr elne3ma" is using this ne3ma feema yordi Allah...

Jazak Allah khayran for this post begad...

PS. http://meandthenet.blogspot.com/2005/12/i-thank-god.html