01 July, 2007

Happy Birthday to Her

Today is Her birthday, for the first time I didn’t get her something special, I didn’t get her anything at all. Usually I tried my best to be with her on birthdays, it used to hurt awi when her friends celebrated and hugged and kissed her and I didn’t get any I told my self it doesn’t matter, a time will come when I truly can call her mine and have our own celebration.

I search inside me now to find this hope, this dream it is still their and alive but in complete darkness.

How could I get over her if she is in every dream I ever had wel mosiba I cant remember how life was before she came into it.

The picture is for roses; I always wanted to get her roses but never did as it was one of the postponed dreams. i would chose the semi opened ones.


Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

how this day passed, i wish i know... on my ex's birthday i did my best not to look at any calender, not to mention anything with a relation to him... act as if it is a normal day ... but... nothing worked

i still can see his big smile when receiving his gift... and our arrangements for a special day ... and and and ...

yes he is in every dream i ever had
yes i cant remember life before him
but ....
yes .... he is gone ... and its time to face the truth... i will never be with him

a post that truly broke my heart, and touched me deep inside !!!

mosh 3arfa a2oul thanks 3ala el kalam el mo2aser,,, wala leh alebt 3alaya el mawage3

ana mashya ba2a

nourita said...

to both of you i dedicate this
wonderful lines:

أجمل الأيام هي الأيام التي لم نعشها بعد

و أجمل الأحلام هي الأحلام التي لم نحلمها بعد

ناظم حكمت

Anonymous said...

love hurts!!!