10 August, 2007

Cairo take 2

here I am again, on a train heading back to cairo :-( better prepared than last time but still, sometimes I wounder what happened to me, I used to be better than that, wonder what was it I lost along the way.

Company around me is more pleasant than last time, a fiftish lady just keeping her side of the seat and minding her own business, but she is cool. Will come to that part later
And on the other side, a young man, early twentieth, playing loud music on his nokia mobile, but cool collections fa fol, what makes the lady cool, when hotel California started to play, she started moving her fingers with the rhythm,

Ok, have said lots of things about why I hate cairo, now think it is time to say somethings I like about it.

Inshaa allah when I arrive I will find tomorrow news papers available
They have cool book stores
They city stay up late, so if it is 2 am I can still find places to hang out
Kobri asr el nile, I love standing on it and looking down to the flowing river while feeling the vibes of the cars passing by
She lives in cairo
Chillis nile city, hate the one in alex
Koshari shop the other side of ramsis station
Culture life of cairo
Compu me and virgin
Kotob khan ( I buy tons of books from their but never been to it)
Midan el mesa7a, don’t ask me y, but I love this area and walking around.

What I cant wait for now is getting mickey, go to the hotel and grab a hot sandwich along, pray and pray and sleep.


E N G Y said...

Soon I will post about how to find thjings you like in Cairo, Alex is perfect, yet Cairo has it's own taste!

Anonymous said...

living in cairo isn't that bad i've been through this myself at the beginning it's harsh and tough but then by the passing of time it's much much better you'll get to cope but try not to be alone as much as you can. God bless you

Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

old dear Cairo ... full of things to do .. alone, and with company

it needs to be aware of its fast rhythm of life, and accept it as it is ... only then you will enjoy your time

thanks for the book khana tip!!!