18 August, 2007


In our life we face lots of options, some are right and others are wrong. Chocolate was never an option but a necessity, and I hated cigarettes cause it affects how food tastes in your mouth and I “really” appreciate food. Really wish I can consider hashish as an option but till then will stick to more chocolate


nourita said...

no better than a good piece of dark chocolte with orange peel to cheers u up...it gives you wing

dont knowabt hashish...i may try ...one day..who knows :)

Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

i think i am the only anti chocolate on earth

i eat one tiny peace every month just to say that yes i do eat chocolate!!

cigarettes... mmm heya mosh na2sa polution we 7asaseya ...

hashish ... exiting but has to go with smoking ?? can i chew it ?? lol

wish you a great day