03 September, 2007

ياه. نهي محمود. المدونه عدت يا رجاله

She left me a comment, I don’t know how she could have ever trampled on my blog in the vast world of blogsphere. Been wanting to buy her book الحكي فوق مكعبات رخام like forever now, inshaa allah will try getting it before Ramadan. I cant believe till now I didn’t come across this book in alex. But alas, alex is always late when it comes to cultural events.

Speaking of which, I don’t like our governor, nor what he is doing to alex, he is removing the uniqueness of alex. No more black and yellow pavements, no more beautiful street lights.

Pavements now are black and white, streetlights are like the ones u find in el 2aryaf, not the cheek ones they used to exist which turned safia zagloul st as if it is a part of france. lots of our internal streets are still not paved and finally the disaster in the tunnel leading to carrefour. Simply ceramic 7amamat. The plain one was much better.

Hate to say it, but his taste is sooooo fala7i

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