10 October, 2007


I have a big problem with virtuality don’t know if the word even exist but I use it to refer to online friends, fellow bloggers we keda. In such relation I feel the need for more info about person, u know, hard facts don’t know y, I am not being prejudice or stereotype people but it does matter to me and it may affect the relation.

“relation” online community really puzzles me, don’t know I miss “reading” people and I get worried and wonder where they went or what may have happened to them, is this normal???!!!!!! I really need to be less attached to people and things.

People i miss reading

Meaningless lines


nourita said...

Yes I guess it is normal...
Because you come to know these people, follow details of their life and know how they think, what they experience, how do they feel?
Things that could not have happened in reality…Or at least not that fast and not in that depth

Me said...

I'm really touched... and speechless... begad...