02 November, 2007

4 Oclock snack

The new hip thing around the office these days in Endomi, and it became my favorite 4 oclock snack, want to chk knonour as well, they say they got into the “instant soup” market, I think zaman I used to drink it under the brand ”bachelor soup”

I saw a very nice ad on TV, she cooks for peace, she cooks for love, she cooks for family really touchy.
Among the ads I really want to chk but never got a chance to, Vodafone new ads about 2agmad khamsa. Seems to be really cool but I always manage to catch the last 10 seconds only of it, never the beginning, unlike Mobinl, I caught all their ads the ones my friends calls 2e3lan el 2erd, really hate them

1 comment:

Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

i like the new vodafone ads too

they are so funny, we ma3molin sa7

3ala 3aks e3lanat el erd sa7'ifa gedan

magi ad is also so beautiful, have you watched Zein 3alam men e7'teyari ads ... to7faaa