14 May, 2008

blue orange juice and chocolate

Just came from a nice restaurant/cafe called mosaic that has a Lebanese touch to it.

It is always nice meeting old friends, enjoying nice food and sincere talk. Always nice to be with people who u can let your guards down. And not being afraid to be misunderstood.

The eye catching thing beside the chicks infesting the place, were two ladies who were sitting just the opposite table eating water melons and one crying her heart out for her friend. Wanted to give her a chocolate I had on me and tell her nothing really matters. Told S of my idea and she found it strange and after some thought she wanted to be the one giving her the chocolate and saying the words.

She did and ended up with a kiss. ( khosara) mmmmmm on the other hand I may have ended up with a slap on the face.

I sometimes wonder about the tears we shed, are they really worthy of the things we are crying for.

Picture attached for the first page of the menu really touched with the first part of it.

Askandarani, from pizza hut el mesaha after having “blue sky” a “blue” orange concentrate with seven up. Over and out.


Jade said...

Sometimes crying is a release to whatever pain it is we are feeling... there is no such thing as is it worth it or not...
Sometimes it's the only way to wash it out.

Very sweet thought you had for that stranger - I wish more people in the world would think that way.

Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

tell me about tears
about release of negative energy
drops of sadness
declaration of loneliness

you ask what worth your tears ... how about yourself?

when i cry... i cry for myself and my pain!!