14 May, 2008

weight on my shoulders

Yet another weight rested on my shoulders today, the body of a father of one of my best friends. May ALLAH have mercy on his soul along with all muslim.

Prayers, ceremony and a final good bye. I usually like to wait a few minutes behind after the ceremony is over, people leave and the grave is still wet and alone. Someday this will be my resting place as well and I will be left all alone. I am not afraid of leaving this world but I am afraid of what I have done in it. Cause this will be the only thing that really counts.


Anonymous said...

Long life to you full of good things and God bless you in all your steps.

Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

sometimes i fear this unknown

but i trust god beyound words... and i know that he is so merciful

ان لله وان اليه راجعون

Brownie said...

i am not afraid of leaving this life bas i always feel that i am not ready to die, i always think about stuff that i need to correct them.
اللهم أختم بالصالحات أعمالنا