27 July, 2008

Hate Promotion

:-(( was browsing youtube for some of moez Masoud clips ( a really cool guy ) and I ended up finding some wrap Saudi songs calling Egypt and Egyptians lots of bad names and as if this isn’t enough, I found Egyptian wrap song returning the courtesy.

My encounters with Saudi nationals were limited to my trips to omra and hij and some Saudis who worked for the consulate. They are good people my only concern is they aren’t as witty as us and sometimes crude but not in a rude way.

Saudis are in a special part of my heart cause of religious reasons and stories I herd from Egyptians and their encounters with them.

This is why I went to youtube and flagged the content as abusive and encouraging hate, and done the same to the Egyptian song Kaman.

If you come across these songs, pls do the same.

Ya Allah, we have so much in common and yet we insist to focus on the differences which are minor, other nations united, different languages, and different religions and they chose to be together

i am sure this flag represent a dream in the heart of every Arab, prayer for us to be strong enough and make it real


Redouane said...

Dream if you want but I do not beleive that anything can bridge the differences between Arabs nationals. Islam as a religion failed miserably in this regard. Or if I want to put differently, the people (or immams since they are respected in religious matters) failed to take action to see that the differences are erased.

I trully beleive that nationalism and ethnicity is more important than arabity or being muslims.

The Saoudis that I have encounted and met are the most ethnocentric poeple I have ever met. On the surface they are nice to people but deep in their hearts they see themselves as above anyone as if they are trully the chosen people of the prophet mohamed. All this comes up as part of debates about the nature of religious beliefs, arab nationalism and the future of an ideal muslim society.

The facts about their treatments of guest workers from other muslim countries are worrifying. I have known some who were trhere myself in morrocco. One worker was torture and killed and family compensated without any fuss. These workers are segragated, subjected to humiliations and constraints.

If you think your slogan of muslim or arab unity will work, I hope allah will listen to your prayers.

Shimaa Gamal said...

Well, I guess you know my opinion about the Saudis.

"Saudis are in a special part of my heart cause of religious reasons”
I wonder what those reasons are.
I am anti Saudi policy. I don’t like them because they give Islam a bad image applying what there so called Abd El Wahab interpretation. I don’t like how they treat women as inferior creature and if they think they are the best nation of the world because the prophet was an Arab, I believe they are not the only Arabs. I believe they were the main exporters of the Islamic radicalism to Egypt through the 1970’s and 1980’s.
There is an old joke, wa7ed so3oody beys2al wa7ed masry betaklo eh 3ala el fetar, el masry 2aloh fool, tayeb wel 3’ada, fool, tayeb wel 3asha, fool. Ra7 el so3doy sa2loh eh yefre2kom 3an el bahayem … akeed el ba7r el a7mar.
Just to make my point clear, Saudis are not the owners of the sacred places. They are not sacred because they happen to rule the place.
As for el nas el 3adeya ya3ny, I didn’t meet much Saudis while at Umrah, bas those that I met in Jeddah airport kan yantabek 3alihom mawdoo3 el ba7r el a7mar dah. Keroosh we 3agrafa mn 3’ier sabab wade7.
Ah, as for mawdoo3 el we7da el 3arbeya wel deen wel kalam el kebeer dah. I am a believer en elly gab masr wara howa a7lam el we7da. Or a7lam el entema2 le ka2en wahmy esmoh el 3arab. El 3arab ya sadeeky el 3azeez homa sokan el gezeera. Aslhom qa7tan. Enhar sadd ma2reb naza7o le a2rab amaken fiha maya. We fi aqwal tanya bet2ool en fi menhom naza7o mn el 3era2 .. fi kol el a7wal homa el nas elly 3asht fi el 7eta di el ma3roofa be2smohom “shebh el gzeera el 3arabeya” they had many things in common back then and it took them a prophet and a religion to unit. Mo3geza bekol el maqayees.
So, if you want to pray please pray for Egypt. I guess your country needs your prayers. 3ashan el 3arab mesh hay3melolha 7aga, el 3arab bey7arbo le akhier gondy masry, el 3arab beybno be3ara2 el masryeen wel 3arab shayfeen enohom a7san 3ashan 3andhom el feloos. El 3arab (Saudis bel ta7deed) bey2ololak el mes7yeen kofar we beyzra3o el fetna fi 2alb baladak. El 3arab ba3d lama baladak we2eft we lametehom we 3amltelhom manzar 3ayzeen ye3melo kobar we dewal we melook we homa sorry ya3ny keberhom yemsho wara me3za ye2oolo shewayet she3r fi nehood khema soda we fakhr be seif mesady.
And btw, el Islam naha 3an el qabaleya wel 3asabeya … etc fa if you wanna call for a unity it should never be an arab unity, it should be an Islamic unity …