06 July, 2008

I Aveo, I Aveo

Had i known it had this effect, I would have got it red.


Anonymous said...

Mabrook, Mabrook ... but you don't need the red color, it comes with a family :)))))))

nourita said...

what colour did u got it?


Askandarani said...

silver, where have you been hidding, miss readding you and was hoping for more posts about ur last trip.

E N G Y said...

Do you think that it has the same effect on men??:))

nourita said...

sliver...i like the colour

Mabrouk :)

what abt the 32 inch LCD ? & the furniture?

...I m tired but afraid of taking holidays, there are so many changes inside the structure & i dont want to be away while it is happening i dont want to miss anything

I did not think that you'll be interrested by that...

I will attach some picture of my last trip