03 July, 2008

Kung Fu Panda

Got a chance to finally go and see a movie, it was kung fu panda. A great movie with some great laughs, some shots reminded me of work and really liked the "iiiiinnnnneeeer peace" part.

Lately, I am finding some sort of a trend in all animated movies. The plot is almost always the same. Challenging ones preset destiny and accepting the “different”. Bee movie, kung fu panda, horrton hears a who just comes to mind.

Night prayers for prejudice to be removed from our hearts and acceptance and tolerance to fill it. (and for me to manage and finish 2 exams in less than 2 days)

1 comment:

silent observer said...

hahah I saw it 2day too :)
and yeah I totally agree with that theme in the cartoons. I thought about that too. It was fun, made me laugh.