01 July, 2008

Train thoughts, mmmm i lost count

On my way back from cairo, and for a change no one occupying the seat beside me. Just stock me now the posts I used to write while I was searching for the apt we keda, now the search is over, a couple of days and the renovations will be over inshaa allah and managed to bring along some electrical appliances. Inshaa allah by the beginning of next week will start shopping around for furniture.

Also finally I got a car, it is a silver Chevrolet Aveo, while I was paying the dealer the money he asked why he doesn’t feel me happy and excited about the new car, told him I needed my own car and the Aveo just suited me in terms of budget and convenience. He said just like gawa el salonat, and happiness will follow later. Communicated the comment for a friend and he said 85% of the time I don’t show facial expressions which automatically puts me in the cold hearted or the not carrying category.

Don’t get me wrong, I am sooooo thankful to allah for all the blessings I have but all these things are just steps for the big move, and the big move is surrounded by hundreds of question marks and wrapped with pure uncertainty.

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Eman said...

but all vanish when u r close 2 that huge step : ))))