24 September, 2008

Nawart masr

Finally I moved to cairo, the move that been delayed for ages chose to strike in the most inappropriate time, Ramadan ( and no it wasn’t my choice)

Never thought I would go to work driving @ 100km/hr

Pay this amount for parking

Having a fight with a taxi driver

Being asked for directions though clearly showing “ malaki alex”

NOT getting lost on my way to and from work

I would be dependent on elevators.

I will be always running out of time

Seems cairo drivers are allergic from alex drivers, whenever the traffic stops people start asking me to move, though it is a red light and all the cars in front of me stopped ( don’t know if Alexandrians are issued a helicopter accessory for cars, cause I wasn’t)


Shimaa Gamal said...

yes nawart masr :)
100km/hr => ya lahwyy ... mesh ma3na en el na mashya besor3a enak kaman temshy besor3a

Fight with a taxi driver => shoft ba2a ana mesh basoo2 lieh ... 3o2bal el microbus driver :p

whenever the traffic stops people start asking me to move => 3ashan 3'areeb fi belad 3'areeba 3arfeen en malaki alex di ma3naha enak you are not used to cairo traffic fa they are trying to teach you the rules ;)

Welcome to Cairo my friend

Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

Nawart El kahera El kahera :D

E N G Y said...

lol @ "Seems cairo drivers are allergic from alex drivers"..yes, it's true..ppl here think that anyone from another city can't drive in Cairo, w aslan can't drive 3omoman!!:))

Anonymous said...

S.o. once told if you can drive in cairo then u can drive anywhere in the world. Nawarat Masr