09 October, 2008

Digital ethical questions,

Few months back while I was updating my address book I thought why not to add pictures of my friends to their contact details. Seemed cool at the moment but after some thought I decided not to. And started thinking, if someone grants me access to his/her profile on facebook, does it mean I am allowed to save their pics locally on my pc?
Shared the question with some friends, and was amazed with the answers.
Yes, sure, why not
Why didn’t I think of that before.
I keep my friends pics locally in case I need them later!!!!!!!
My pics are for sharing not for storing

What do u think?


insomniac said...

i believe the main point of FB is sharing, not storing...

but that's not an issue for me because normally, the ppl i add on my FB account are those i completely trust and whom i think already have photos of me here or there!! and those i don't COMPLETELY trust are on limited profile to an extent....

Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

i didnt think of that before !!

i think no, you dont have the right to do so.. unless you took a permission of the person him/herself

moreover, i am like insomniac.. add people i trust.. mmm not really, but better say , people who will not use my pics!!

well .. this is confusing.. i think i will give limited access to my pics .. oh god why you asked this question :(

The.I.inside said...

My pic's are for sharing not storing, i never actually considered that b4, my FB is packed with ppl i work with, which means i neither trust and not necessarily
like, but not all of them has access to all of my pic's.
but i believe ppl should defiantly ask for permission if they want to store pic's from FB