27 November, 2008


Ok, think I am deifying the rules of statistics, it cant be, all the times I travel, booking randomly, different commuting methods and still, never got to sit beside a chic. What happened to all the probability stuff, random samples and population?

Ironically I got to sit this time beside a person I sat beside almost a month ago, 2eshme3na ba2a.


Shimaa Gamal said...

:) maybe you should write a post about ur definition of chic :)))
Or better, bring your own :p
The odds are higher ma3 nas we nas, my cousin kanet el donia dayman ma3aha a small village. Everyone she knows is related to someone else. She even made friendships from the train :) coz kol mara she sits beside the very same person.
It seems your world is as small as hers :)

injis said...

Explanation much simpler, "chics" are either already travelling with someone, or when alone have requested the solo seats :)