06 November, 2008


Vodafone saved my life again, this new little invention of USB modem is really a great thing, though it is over publicized in terms of speed and conveniency,
the speed is equivalent for a DSL land line of 256K, u wont get over 30kb/sec download and they have something with torrent downloads don’t know why. This is if you are connected via a 3g network, if via gprs, don’t bother, just like the old phone lines

It is most effective when it is stationary, it sucks when I am in the train, can hardly sustain a connection, nevertheless, it is keeping me connected without having to be under the mercy of a land line.
Btw, I swapped my points for the device, a couple of free months we keda. Fa practically I paid nothing


Shimaa Gamal said...

Practically, you pay to keep vodafone working :) fa they are just giving you back some of your money :))

Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

a freind of mine use etisalat ... and she said it is so good

i am thinkin of having one, but then i cant find a place to use it .. i am connected from home, and work 24/7... and i dont go out .. so i think i will postpone this idea ..