13 December, 2008

Appartment Thoughts

I don’t have ketchup. Though I am not a ketchup person but not having a ketchup bottle in a kitchen seemed weird

Sometimes when I pass in the corridor I check if the bathroom mirror still shows my reflection in it

I always flush the toilette when I finish, but lately seems I forget ( a better explanation than the “others” are using it”

I hate spending my life in the bedroom; need to get a living badly to inhabit the “area outside”

Need to get a satellite receiver, what is keeping me is time needed for the cable guy to come and make all the wiring

Need to walk and discover my surroundings

TELEPHONE need to get it over with

Need to put my name on the mail box and Dictaphone


E N G Y said...

I guess you need to spend one w/e in Cairo.

insomniac said...

about the ketchup, my sister says that having an at least half-full ketchup bottle at home gives her a sense of safety and security :)))

i feel the same about BBQ, or was it my sis again??! i don't worry about those things with her taking care of them

nourita said...

i dont underestand the ketchip part