13 December, 2008

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Ok, finally I got to sit beside a lady, who doesn’t quite fit my definition of a chic, but at least she is a she for a change, but this she is a tech junky with an attitude Kaman. She got a laptop, blackberry, usb modem via mobile operator and almost on the phone since we came. And I am keeping my peace and distance Kaman.

Apologies for statistics, the rail way authority have specified certain chairs for people who book on line, fa usually you will find me sitting in car 6 seat 45 when I am heading to cairo and car 1 seat 7 or 8 when I am heading to alex. So much for random probability.

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زمان الوصل said...

ألف مبرو :) بس المرّه اللىّ فاتت أمّا كتبت عن الاحتمالات و قلت بتغيّر المكان و طرق السفر كل مرّه و بردو مفيش فايده الفكره اللىّ جت على بالى إن باقى "المزز" -متهيّألى دى الترجمه العربى للتشيك- ممكن يكونوا بيعملوا نفس الشئ فبيكنسلوا تأثير التغيير اللىّ بتعمله :) جرّب تفضل فى نفس المكان فتره من الوقت و نشوف ..