26 December, 2008


Reall real, feel feal fiel, sigh thigh ( I mixed the later in a comment in one of the blogs and it was a she blog, me blushing akher haga)

My spelling is lawzy if it wasn’t for the spell checker in word I would be back to junior one, ( to improve it and to work on my handwriting) I read a lot and I write a lot but never concentrate in spelling and I feel it is too late to fix it.


gjoe said...

You reminded me of an old post i had in my old blog!


SaRaH said...

Well it is a common problem I still mix whether the (I) comes before the (e) in friend every single time i write it :) so you are not alone

Rasha said...

I believe she smiled at it as well :)
maho she does spelling mistakes all the time but there's a good policy to apply among friends:
I they got what you meant then they shouldn't complain :)