02 March, 2009


Ok, this is out of this world, a dream come true. If you are a movie maniac who has hundred of movies stored on your hard disk and want the convenience of watching them on a bigger screen ( an LCD with a Home theater) this is a must have.

Put all your movies on a USB storage device, hook it to the device, hook the device to the display and voala, magic works.

Only drawback I can find is the remote control, if u lose it, the device is useless.

Available at radio shack for LE 655


زمان الوصل said...

كويّس خالص الاختراع ده .. طيب تعتقد ال
"إل سى دى" ذات "الهوم ثييتر" يبقى
تمنها كام !!

nourita said...

don't loose the remote control :-)

Shimaa Gamal said...

So, could this be consider no.1 in ur birthday wish list?? :)

Anonymous said...

any extension works????

Askandarani said...

@ haji.
lcd and hometheater round 6k, dont worry it work2s fine on my 14' tv
it played everything, almost all my films are DVD ripped by AXXO
i already got it
@nourita el kaslana ( blog plss)
will do my best not to,

Anonymous said...

LCD with built in USB makes things too easy...u just plug ur Hard disk and rock...

Askandarani said...

well, older CRT and LCD TVs and some new ones arent equipped with USB and this one has lots of firmware updates so it can play more file extensions and install new codecs, it is into the basic part of home theater and u can do with out if u already have PS3 or any advanced game console or a WI-FI player to connect to network, but at this level and price range, this baby do hit the sweet spot