03 May, 2009

حج القرعه

And again news started to spread about Hij for the new season. Ministry of interior will be open up for حج القرعه starting from May 9 till May 27, not sure yet if they will allow online registration or not but will keep you posted.

I strongly urge everyone to register usually it costs less than 20k which is almost half the price of other companies given you will have the chance to stay for a longer time, with the con of being a rather rough ride.

If you and wife/sister/mom/dad you can apply twice, you and the other party being مرافق \ محرم and vice versa, which should somehow double your chances

If you want to apply on line and don’t have a credit card, do get in touch and sure we can work something out.

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E N G Y said...

:(((((..I am in a bad need to go:S