02 October, 2009

These are a few of my favorite things

Drinking water after a dive in the sea.

3aseer asab in winter

Ice cream in winter

Cold air hitting my face

Long walks along the sea side

Laugh till I almost faint

A big glass filled with Pepsi and ice cubes

Getting things done

Waking up with out an alarm

Waking up on the smell of breakfast

A shower when the water temperature is just right

Warm pyjamas in winter

Returning home

Surprise gift or nice gestures

Feel a close connection to Allah

Making someone happy

Receiving e-mail/sms

A baby interacts with me

Quiet mornings

Small crowds in a cinema who laugh when I do.

Watching TV on a comfortable sofa


nourita said...

when i will have my own home, i will buy a big comfortable sofa

i will put just in fromt of TV ...i know in advance its coulor

it will be Red.

by the way did u buy the home cinema or not yet??

nourita said...
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Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

love em all except when it comes to cold food in cold weather and babies .. you kn ow me

ps: i am the girl who flew away ... just like peter pan