06 March, 2010

Yet another friend died in a car accident, a truly wonderful person, a father of a young baby boy and another infant who is yet to be born.

In the funeral as I shook his dad’s hand I kept saying to my self, this is wrong, this shouldn’t be happening. A father shouldn’t be burying his son; a young wife shouldn’t be widowed at such young age, when a baby is born both his parents should be around to give him his first kiss and hug.

I miss him, till now I reach for the phone and want to call or txt him, his name pops up on face book because I need to get in touch with him, his name still on the directory deep inside I feel he isn’t gone but I know he is no where to be found around the living.

Some big words were used in his obituary and as I read them I knew no words will ever do him justice. His closest friends weren’t able to attend the burial.

He will not be the last nor he is the first seems I have attended more burials for people at my age than older ones.

May he finally find the peace he deserve and the one we are all looking for.

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