27 June, 2010


Was making my normal shopping at metro when I cam across this.

Yes they are selling ice cubes. Never thought I will see the day when they sell ice cubes in Egypt in supermarkets, but the day came.

I first came across this idea in the states where they had ice machines, and it was something really amazing for me at this time. In terms of the idea and how crystal clear the cubes were. Thought the cubes were that transparent cause of the water is cleaner, but later on I came to realize the secret of making crystal clear ice cubes and lived to see them being sold at supermarkets,

For those having Super Mickey issue of last Thursday, do chk Donald’s story with the ice cube factory, sooooo realistic


Shimaa Gamal said...

How many people do you think still read Mickey ... Just tell us the story :)

E N G Y said...

And why ppl buy ice cubes aslan?!