27 June, 2010

We had a major overhaul at Alex with a special focus on my room, which resulted in me initiating operation deep sweep phase two, with mom literary breathing over my shoulder I had to give up almost complete collections of magazines whih were

كتب الهلال للاولاد و البنات

العربي الصغير

مجلتي و المزمار

الشياطين ال 13

المغامرين الخمسه و الثلاثه

And came along this little encyclopaedia, it used to be something at that time and as I remember it coasted round 35 pounds and I couldn’t let it go, as it took me a while to gather money to buy it. Going through it was amazing, lots of mentioning of year 2000 and how this will be the norm and how this invention will rule our lives we keda ya3ni.

I am sure we cam a long way since 1998.

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