17 February, 2017

The river of time

As time passes and I get older, days starts to share memories some good, some bad and some simply epic in their proportion, alongside when a day is remembered mixed feelings starts to shape and the state of mind it gives can’t be described.
In the happiest times a sadness will exist for the special moment is missing someone who can’t be here anymore, and in the darkest moments I will find a loving hand supporting me through it or may be a tiny hand opening a window of light.
10s of dates, months and years puts me in an emotional drift, the same day shares happy, sad and decisive moments which gives the feeling of an emotional rollercoaster.

strings of numbers, a lifetime of memories. Maybe the description “the river of time” isn’t just metaphoric, cause for me, it is a true river. It flows swiftly and quietly, but no force on earth can stop a flowing river, it will always flow, it will always reach its destination

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