22 January, 2007

Clean up time

after almost 7 years i decided to clean up my yahoo address book. i took a look at it and felt as it it isnt mine, lots of entries i cant remmeber when i posted them or why.
so sent an e-mail to all the address book requesting info update

Name (First-Last)> primary mail> Alternate mail> yahoo ID> MSN ID> Home phone> Mobile Phone> Work Phone> Fax> Home address> work address> Date of birth

then deleted the address book.

friends responded immediately, the date of birth was a tricky subject as female friends thought i was just being mean, and bet others thought i am playing a cheap trick to get their mobile number.

bottom line i look to my address book now and i can identify them all as for the ones that are gone, they werent in but was fooling my self.

"I want you to know that you can ALWAYS have me as a friend"

i am quoting someone who responded to me, though i dont know who is it i was deeply touched by the words.

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