30 January, 2007

Future in Cairo....... but our families are in Alex

today a friend of mine called and offered me to go and work in cairo, I hate Cairo. though I have some real good friends from their, my first and probably last true love was from their and just love book stores they have. not to mention azhar park and virgin mega store.

but people arent nice, they are rude in everything, they have the "Me"attitude so emphasized and really polluted. have friends who took the courageous step of relocating to Cairo and starting their life there.

i really dont know what to do, there will be no difference in the pay, kiss my family goodbye as well as my savings and start living a real single life on my own and all this is just for a better career opportunity.

I know i am being silly here, as people reallocate hundred of miles away and dont do the fuss I am doing.

"the devils wears Prada" this films just keeps crossing my mind as i am writing, it is 2estekhara time i think.


Engy said...

Regardless what you said and think about us (people from cairo), I think it's not the right decision to relocate here, leave your family, friends and the life you love for career path.

Hey you work in Alex not in countryside, so why you ruin your life with such thinking, don't relocate as long as you don't hate your life in Alex and as long as you already have a good job there.

Too late comment!!:)

Anonymous said...