20 February, 2007

3rd rock from the sun

I really like the series, lots may find it stupid but those guys are my favorites. Friends are cool, sex and the city is different, Malcolm in the middle is amusing but those are out of this world.

They take simple things in life and explore it more from a different perspective. I laugh then I think. Usually the seen of them sitting on the rough is the epic of the show.

Tomorrow, make it today in a couple of hours Kaman will be back to work, seems they took advantage of me being away for a couple of days and changed few things, hope the change is for the better and hopefully will help us focus more. Not that I have a say in such changes as I am just a foot soldier in the trenches singing wind of changes

Listening to hotel California for the 900 time today. Some dance to remember and some dance to forget. I eat to forget.

Weight update I am very close to the 120 mark and I will do something about it to regain my self again.


E N G Y said...

If you are into tv shows then check this link out;)


hmmm,I guess you gotta check it after your exams!:)

Hechkok said...

I like 3rd rock from the sun very much, what is comic about it is how they see our lives and the normal common things we do each day and they make us feel how our life is strange.