19 February, 2007


Why did I find my self in this situation, why did it end up in such a way that one part had to give up everything why a common ground was a far fetched dream? Why had I to choose between her and everything I had, I wish I could. But at that point of time I couldn’t.

Lots of people keep asking me to have my eyes checked because it is reddish; they don’t know it is so cause of holding back tears when she crosses my mind.

Friends keep telling me it will wash away, another will come and sweep me off my feet and she will be a distant memory. How could this be if every one is compared to her, how could I say words meant to her to anyone else.

I hate my self for what I did to her, and hate myself more for not seeing such an end sooner.

song of the day: Garth Brooks "Unanswered Prayers" lyrics

This is me, being pathetic.

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