18 February, 2007

ناس جيه تعلق مش تعلق

I could never forget a female blogger post about comments she received in her blog, she said that some people are into blogging just to know more gals and hang with them, they are in as she put it to "يعلقوا" and she didn’t mean to comment but to get connected and have a nice time.
Her words echo in my mind every time I post a comment in any female blog, I still have to discover blogging more.

Are blogs just a message in a bottle, a shout in a desert or are they for interacting and exchanging experience or I am just being hyper sensitive. Will be handing my exams soon and less time will be spent online.

Miss web sense at work, it blocked access to blogs and made me concentrate more in what ever I am doing.

اللهم اجعلنا خيراً مما يظنون واغفر لنا ما لا يعلمون


Nesrina said...

Don't keep such stuff in mind, there are very dear blogger friends out there that won't think that way.
Comment zay manta 3ayez if these people don't want comments they should have closed the comments section or even write their posts on a peice of paper as they don't want to share them.

E N G Y said...

Amr Adeeb in "al kahira al youm" discussed this and hosted 2 bloggers one called himself "tazbeet boy" because he uses the internet (blog, MSN, ICQ……ect) only for this target (el tazbeet).

Although I believe that at least 75% of internet users (here in Egypt) use the internet for this purpose but I always believe that those who do this are not us, not the normal users, I duuny why I think they are different personalities and sure have different kind of blog, besides ya3ny how u can te3alak girls by your comments!!!

Don't think about it, and feel free to comment as you want, we won't misunderstand you here:)

Hey, I don't wanna us think in that way, it's silly.