09 February, 2007


Just the other night I was watching blood diamond. Didn’t want to think a lot about the plot line itself and the black man/white man relation and all this stuff. I just thought about diamonds. The source of all that evil.

Why do people get diamonds for their loved ones?

Think because it is expensive and thus making a statement regarding the personal wealth of a guy/gal

It is scarce; cartels ensure it remains so bardo

Time doesn’t change them and they last for ever

Unlike gold which some find to be “my country” i.e. balady diamonds are classy.

For me, diamonds are the closest thing to stars (you know the shiny things u see up in the sky in dark nights) so metaphorically speaking you are reaching for the skies to get a star and give it to someone you cherish the most.

Hopefully one day I can afford a nice one, and I will do my best to make sure it isn’t conflict diamond or better said blood diamond.

A diamond is just a fancy rock. A loving husband is a jewel beyond compare.

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