10 February, 2007

a quote from a fellow blogger


"I draw my heart on the street by chalk and sat on the pavement watching cars driving over it distorting its look, every few cars I draw it again. Bit by Bit I stopped redrawing it, I just sat watching it fading away under the wheels of the passing cars stupid thing to do but not as stupid as giving my heart to you."


i cant finds words to comment, but it reminds me never to give up my 2anfada policy, cause whenever i do that either me or someone i care deeply about ends up being hurt badly


Engy said...

Another quote for the same blogger:

"The moon, some see it as romantic symbol for lovers but I see it as a sign for werewolfs to transform. Some would say, but werewolfs are fairytales and I would say so are lovers."

Anonymous said...

You should know when to te2anfed and when not, because maybe it is too late to do. there are 100 different ways to get hurt all are better than a close contact with what seemed to be a nice creature and ended up to be full of spikes